A DUI case, unlike most criminal cases, requires special skills in determining whether the State is able to prove that the driver was under the influence of a drug or alcohol to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired. Val Rodriguez has handled over 100 DUI cases. Recently, he was able to obtain acquittals in a series of cases where the drivers had refused to submit to breath alcohol tests. Val Rodriguez has also handled dozens of DUI cases involving serious bodily injury and DUI manslaughter. As a board certified criminal trial lawyer, you can be assured that Val Rodriguez has the experience for a DUI defense, and to help you make the best determination on whether to bargain for a plea or proceed to a trial.

It is important to seek assistance of counsel early for a DUI case. For example, because your drivers license has already been administratively suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles, you have only ten (10) calendar days from the date of your arrest to set a formal hearing to challenge that suspension. This formal hearing gives you an important opportunity to question the law enforcement officers involved in your case. My office can set that hearing for you (and you can also do so), but in order for us to help you, you must contact us within 10 calendar days of your arrest!

In addition, the State Attorney’s Office just implemented a first DUI offender program in Palm Beach County, for certain types of cases.  However, this program is only available before your arraignment, so it is even more important to contact our office immediately about your DUI case.

A conviction for a DUI carries strict minimum penalties even for a first conviction (and is increased for repeat offenders):

Imprisonment for not more than 6 months for a first conviction (and up to 9 months if the BAC level is 0.20 or greater);

A fine of not less than $500 (up to $2,000 under certain circumstances);

Possible forfeiture of your vehicle;

Completion of a substance abuse course and any recommended treatment;

Immobilization of your vehicle (minimum of ten (10) days), and the possibility of an interlock device;

Probationary period (up to one year and strict conditions attached to that probation);

Community service (a minimum of 50 hours);

Completion of the DUI driver improvement school;

Mandatory suspension of your drivers license by the Court for a minimum of six (6) months (this is in addition to any suspension by the DMV).

In addition, upon conviction, auto insurance rates may increase or be canceled, and points may be assessed on your drivers license if you have been charged with traffic crime violations. Finally, a conviction will be used to enhance future offenses. Obviously, the consequences of a DUI conviction are serious!

For a DUI case, your initial personal consultation is FREE.