State Crimes

Val Rodriguez has provided effective and superb representation in state courts, and has never been afraid to back down or challenge the State in proving the case.

Civil Rights Cases

Val Rodriguez has achieved significant results in civil cases involving civil rights violations for over 2 decades  — such as false arrests, excessive force, malicious prosecution, negligence, and defamation.

Federal Crimes

Val Rodriguez has handled federal criminal cases for over 25 years and has handled well over 400 federal cases to completion.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach

Valentin Rodriguez, P.A.
Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney 

Val has handled federal and state criminal cases for over 27 years and has handled well over 350 federal cases to completion. He originally joined a panel of the federal Criminal Justice Act in 1998 and has been assigned federal cases regularly since that time. He has successfully defended hundreds of clients in federal court on drug, fraud, and other related offense charges, resulting in acquittals, hung juries, and reduced sentences. He has handled all sorts of complex federal criminal cases and civil cases, as well as appeals all the way to the United States Supreme Court. 

Val is particularly experienced in complex civil and criminal fraud cases, having handled cases where the intended and actual fraud loss has approached $1 billion.  For example, in the Mutual Benefits Corporation fraud case, his client was acquitted of all 54 federal charges while the co-defendant was convicted of 19 of those charges.  See Recent Verdicts.  The loss amount alleged in that case was over $800 million. Val recently litigated a complex $300 million developer and bank fraud case, which resulted in the spouse’s acquittal, a retrial for the CEO, and a pending appeal in the 11th Circuit.  In that case, the foremost expert in bank fraud testified about how major banks perpetuated the bank fraud on themselves.  Former President Trump commuted the client’s sentence to time served in January 2021, and his appeal was dismissed.

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  • DUI

  • Fraud

  • Homicide

  • Narcotics and Drug Trafficking

  • Firearms Related Offenses

  • Robbery & Burglary

  • Immigration Related Offenses



  • JW Case
    J.W. had his sentence reduced from 15.6 years to TIME SERVED once Val Rodriguez argued to a federal judge that a subsequent change in the law required a drastic re-sentencing for the defendant, who had previously been considered a career offender.
    JW Case
  • MV Case
    M.V. was acquitted in 2000 of all charges involving a federal conspiracy to traffick heroin.  His defense is that he was set up by a friend to be a drug courier when he did not have the intent to do so.
    MV Case
  • JS Case
    J.S. and all co-defendants were acquitted in 2000 of federal drug conspiracy charges when their wooden freighter that docked in the Port of Palm Beach for repairs was raided by Customs officers.  Found hidden in the boat was over 20 kilograms of power cocaine.  His defense was that he was a poor shipmate that had no knowledge of the hidden cocaine.
    JS Case

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